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The Boutique Guest House's central location enables our guests to truly

immerse themselves in what the thriving Helderberg Basin has to offer, surrounded by incredible landscapes, historic wine farms and the

False Bay coastline of the Atlantic Ocean.

DAI HEKA is a mere 900m from the Strand beach front with it's new

promenade where you can enjoy your favorite cocktail, wine and dine in world renowned restaurants and experience the infamous spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean with plenty incredible sunset photo opportunities.

A range of attractions, activities, entertainment and 4 well known golf

courses are also within easy reach via scenic routes from DAI HEKA.

This unique Boutique Guest House embraces a sense of serenity that sets the tone for your stay in this bespoke establishment.

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Dai Heka Guest House Strand Koi Pond Area
Dai Heka Guest House Strand Lockable Swmming Pool Deck
Dai Heka Undercover Lock-Up Parking

"we are convinced that there can be luxury in simplicity...""

Dai Heka Guest House Strand Koi Pond Tranquility
Dai Heka Guest House Stnd
Dai Heka Mazaranduba Wood Deck .jpg
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